6 Days in Croatia


Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes National Park




Day 1: Arrive in Zagreb, visit surrounding churches and museums.

The Zagreb Cathedral, St. Marks Church and St. Francis Church are all architectural marvels. Try to attend a church service – the one at St. Marks had an amazing orchestra, choir and organ fully utilizing the acoustics of the building. Ban Josip Jelacic Square often have concerts/band playing at night time. An unusual museum is the Museum of Broken Relationships. It’s a bit gimmicky but an interesting break from the usual history/art museums.

Day 2: Head to to Plitvice Lakes National Park, continue on to Split for the night

There are free shuttles and a free ferry to various trail heads. It is possible to explore all available trails in one day with an early start.

Grgur Ninski

Grgur Ninski Statue in Split

Day 3: Spend the day in Split.
Split is a very walk-able town. Within the old wall of Diocletian’s Place, a UNESCO heritage site, lies hidden gems such as original Egyptian Sphinxes, Temple of Jupiter and museums. There is a market towards the east side of the wall where local produce are sold. Touch the big toe of Grgur Ninski statue to make your wish come true! The official Split Tourism page is a great resource for more information.

Day 4: Head to Dubrovnik. (optional detour to Mostar, Bosnia)

Day 5: Spend the day in Dubrovnik

There are many, many place to see within Old Town with at least 6 churches. Do spend the extra money to go up and walk around the castle walls. Drive or hike, or take the cable car to see the imperial fortress (Tvrđava Srđ) and a panoramic view of Old Town.  Here’s the official website for Dubrovnik Tourism. It’s not the easiest to navigate, but the information seem comprehensive.

Day 6: Head to Herceg Novi, Montenegro


In Zagreb we stayed at Hostel Shappy, which was nicely located in the middle of Gornji grad (Upper Town) with banks, cafes and shopping centers steps away.

We also had a great experience with CroParadise Blue Hostel in Split. Although the 3-bed suite was a few blocks away from the main building and hostel office, it was within walking distance from the Diocletian’s Palace.

In Dubrovnik we stayed at Guesthouse Old Sailor which was a very nice family-run rental but not walking distance from the Old Town.


From Belgrade to Zagreb I took an overnight train (22 €) Unfortunately tickets cannot be booked on line but it doesn’t seem like the route gets sold out.

Within Croatia we got around in a rental car.

In general, planning for transportation in the Balkans was challenging because of the lack of official websites with updated schedules. Balkanology.com provided some up-to-date, helpful information.


Pick a town to focus on, e.g. Dubrovnik or Zagreb and take a day trip to Plitvice.


  • Spend more than a day in Zagreb and explore surrounding parks, gardens and Mirogoj
  • Stay over night in Plitvice and hike all the trails
  • Check out the island of Hvar in the summer time