2 Days in Belgrade


Kalemegdan, Republic Square, The Temple of Saint Sava, stroll by the Danube river


Day 1: Arrive in Belgrade early evening, take a stroll around town near Kalemegdan Fortress and the Republic Square.

Kalemegdan at night

Kalemegdan at night

Unlike most castles, monasteries, and other ancient buildings I’ve come across during my travels, Kalemegdan is open 24-7. It’s basically an open park that people can visit and hang out during all hours of the day. The moonlight gave the fortress a certain mystère. I returned the next morning to see the fortress again in all its glory.

Day 2: See the Temple of St. Sava, walk along the Sava and Danube River. Take overnight train to Zagreb

St. Sava is a magnificent building from the outside. The inside, however, is still incomplete. There are smaller completed sanctuaries adjacent to the church. I got lucky and stumbled upon a wedding and got to observe a traditional wedding ceremony. I am pretty sure I am in their wedding photo/video.

Taking the night train is a fantastic way to safe time on travel and money on lodging. The only downside is you arrive in Zagreb about 4:30- 5 am in the morning so make sure your hostel check in allows that.


I couchsurfed in Belgrade but there is no shortage of hostels in the city.


From Airport to Belgrade, take Bus line #72 to Zeleni Venac. It runs twice an hour and cost no more than 2 Euros. The bus station for #72 is on the departures level. The trip. is around 45 minutes.


My host served me cheese burek and yogurt (drink) for breakfast, which was fantastic! He called burek “pie”. It was a lot like frittata.


…is not recommended.


  • Visit The National Museum and Nikola Tesla Museum (just about everything is named after Tesla here)
  • Travel to Novi Sad to see vineyards and monasteries
  • Travel to Nis, the birthplace of Constantine the Great