9 Days in Uganda


Top of Murchison Falls, Crater Lakes, Jinja


Day 1: Arrive in Fort Portal, take a walk along tea plantations.

Day 2: Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, see Lake George/Edward. Take a photo at the Equator.

Day 3: Take a dip in one of the many crystal clear crater lakes.

Day 4: Head to Kampala, check out the night markets for street food.

Day 5: Head to Masindi to visit Murchison Falls National Park.

You need a private vehicle to enter the park. Hitchhiking is possible but passing vehicles are infrequent. Take a boat ride up the river to get a full view of the falls but do not miss going to the top where you can witness up close the shear volume of water that is being pushed through.

Day 6: Nature hike and boat ride to Murchison Falls, spend the night in Masindi.

Day 7: Head to Jinja.

The quickest way via public transportation was through Kampala, If you have private vehicle you could take the route passing through Lake Kyoga or stop by the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary on the way back to Kampala

Day 8: Relax at Nile River Camp. Visit the craft market

Day 9: Head to Eldoret, Kenya


In Kampala we stayed at Backpacker’s hostel. During our stay the water was shut down, Bathrooms seems old. Our friend who stayed at Red Chili gave better reviews.

In Murchison Falls, the only non-lodge, budget facility was Red Chili (same company that runs the hostel in Kampala), though there seem to be camp sites available through park authorities. In Masindi, the big town outside the park, there are plenty of budget hotels it’s easy to walk around and find a guest house.

In Jinja the Nile River Camp is a good, relaxing place to stay, especially if you are interested in rafting.


To get to Uganda from Rwanda, the easiest way is to take the overnight bus from Kigali to Kampala. It took us a total of 6 vehicles and one moto to get from Muzanse to our final destination in Fort Portal.

Unlike Rwanda where buses leave on a schedule and on time, In Uganda they will wait until the buses are filled up. If traveling by public transportation it is best to take the morning bus which fills up the quickest.


Rolexes – Chapati rolled with scrambled eggs, cabbage, and seasoning. At night time you can get a grilled sausage from adjacent stands and spice up your rolex.


  • Focus on cities in the south near Kampala, Jinja, and Entebbe
  • If there is time see Murchison Falls.


  • Hike from the bottom of Murchison Falls to the top.
  • See Lake Victoria in Entebbe,
  • White water raft in Jinja
  • Visit Owen Falls Dam (aka source of the Nile)